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Friday, June 13, 2014

June Gardens in Ohio

The Winter continues to show it's damages here in Ohio. Numerous things have already been replaced. Quite a lot was killed to the roots and waiting on the growth to return on them as with my Heath/Heather.

 photo AcerFireglowNinebark414.jpg
The Acer palmatum Fireglow came through the Winter as did all but one of my Japanese Maples. That one is a big disappointment to me.

 photo Peony614.jpg
The Peonies look lovely this year and the smell was wonderful. The Dogwood Golden Shadows sits to the left and I just love this shrub because it has the looks of a Japanese Maple in it's growth.

 photo IrisGroup1.jpg
A grouping of the Iris in bloom. Don't know how those taller whites got to the front but they have since been moved towards the back.

 photo IrisGroupPaganDance.jpg
The purple one here to Iris Pagan Dance that I got in tribute to my beautiful Yorkie CH Goldenray Pagan Dancer. These I just moved over to the right side where some of the whites were.

 photo 514PathTop.jpg

 photo 514PathReverse2.jpg

 photo 514PathReverse2.jpg
The path from several directions through the big garden.

 photo Ninebarks614.jpg
The Ninebark Diablo's are looking great this year. Flowering up and showing great color.

 photo AcerPalmatumGarnet514.jpg
Acer palmatum Garnet is looking lovely in the ground this year.

 photo PARelexa514.jpg
I love the Picea abies Reflexa and the harsh weather this past Winter didn't seem to cause it any harm either.

 photo LilacBloomerang514.jpg
The Bloomerang Lilac showing lots of blooms this year.


Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

First to comment! Ha! So sorry about your Japanese maple. That's a disappointment for sure.

Everything IS looking really lovely though, in your Ohio garden. The peonies and irises are gorgeous. I have a very similar one to the one on the right of the fourth picture, but don 't know it's name. Do you? I only know it's very old. I'll post a picture, if not over the weekend, then on Monday.

I love your hostas beyond words! They look really nice together - very contrasting!


Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

Too bad you lost that Japanese maple. Mine grew some leaves but it looks pathetic. If I trim it down to the leaves and the branches that have nothing it will look like a Charlie Brown tree! The iris look so pretty. I'm just starting to get my blooms. The Picea abies Reflexa looks wonderful- it must have a lower zone number since it did so well! I like the Ninebarks- mine haven't bloomed yet but they're growing well like yours are. Can't wait to smell my peonies- they're close to blooming! Looks like your garden areas are doing pretty good despite that dratted winter we suffered through!

Mark and Gaz said...

It's great to see the ones currently doing well in your garden Cher. And how nice to see all the purple hued plants too. Great to see Iris has sailed through winter fine as well.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I 'LOVE' your Ninebark diablos. I had to google them because I didn't know what they are.

You have lovely plants.


Sarah Shoesmith said...

Isn't it disappointing when we lose a plant? So much has made it through the winter though and it is always so encouraging to watch plants recover after a bad season. Your plants are looking wonderful - fab foliage and the Hosta are looking a treat!

Endah Murniyati said...

Beautiful garden! The irises look so stunning. Great design! Inspiring... have a nice weekend and happy gardening!

dorothy said...

Eerything is looking very healthy. The Pagan Dancer iris is such a beautiful color! I wish that peonies would grow so easily here. Yours are so pretty. And how to you keep the snails and slugs from your hostas? They always look so perfect!

Beth said...

The iris are beautiful, Cher. Love the hostas, ninebarks, and 'Garnet' too. Sorry about your losses. It's heartbreaking, not to mention costly. Anyway, the garden looks great now! You've done a good job replacing and renovating.

Angie said...

Sorry to read of your winter losses Cher - it's awful when plants we love succumb isn't it?
Your Hostas are really glow in the dark aren't they - what an impact they make. Impressive!
Loving your Iris - a few pretty ones there and your Physocarpus, wow! It's all good there this bloom day, have a happy one :)

Tante Mali said...

Oh, fantastic, love your garden - such a huge variety of beautiful plants! And your hostas are great!!!!
All the best from Austria

Casa Mariposa said...

Everything looks great! Your ninebarks are spectacular! :o) I lost quite a few plants, too. It was really frustrating and expensive.

Anette Ulbricht said...

Dein Garten sieht fantastisch aus. Mir gefallen die lila Iris ganz besonders gut. Auch deine Hosta wachsen sehr schön. Bei dir scheint es keine Schnecken zu geben. Meine Hosta sind ganz durchlöchert.
Gruß, Anette

Chris Rohrer said...

I'm sorry about your Japanese Maples. They're kind of like my Jacaranda tree here.....precious! But your garden space does look beautiful.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The ninebark is really nice. I love all the hues of purple in your garden. The greens just really pop. Always hard when a plant leaves quietly in the winter. Like you couldn't even fight for it some how.

Malar said...

The plants look striving in winter! Most of them are very healthy looking plants!

Serenity Cove said...

I lost a climbing rose, my butterfly bush, and my mimosa tree. At least all my hostas survived. I hope we never have another winter like that again!

Kate said...

Oh wow Cher!
You wouldn't know from these photos the hard year your garden went through. Everything's pretty as a picture as usual especially those iris!

Zoey said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your J. Maple, Cher. Everything else is looking so nice. Your Ninebark Diablo's are gorgeous! I love them and just bought my 5th one on Saturday.