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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hydrangea Hosta Daylilies August Gardens

Hydrangea are blooming in the gardens. June always brings Quickfire blooming and July has the others blooming with TarDiva being the last to do so. To the right of them is a new shrub I just added, Fothergilla Mt Airy. I still have to add something to the right of that but nothing has struck me for it so we'll see what I do there. Still waiting for some of the Hosta to grow up here. A couple more years and this area should be just what I wanted.

 photo HydrangeaHosta813.jpg
Hydrangea Pinky Winky and Hydrangea Quickfire with Daylilies to each side, entering into the Hosta garden.

 photo PineHosta813.jpg

The pink Mums have been blooming since the first of July. The burgundy ones are blooming elsewhere in the yard. You can see Hydrangea TarDiva to the left here.

 photo HydrangeaLimelight813.jpg

Hydrangea Limelight. Still one of the most spectacular Hydrangeas to own. The blooms are always spectacular and showy.

 photo HydrangeaTarDiva813.jpg

Hydrangea TarDiva is less showy than Limelight, yet I like it's more delicate blooms and is a little different than the bolder paniculatas.

 photo HydrangeaPinkyWinky813.jpg

Hydrangea Pinky Winky is one that I just adore since adding two to my gardens, the blooms are spectacular.

 photo HydrangeaQuickFire813.jpg

Hydrangea QuickFire I love for it's early blooming each year in June. The blooms quickly go from white to the pinkish shade and are delicate looking. I have 3 of these in the yard and they all look great this year.

 photo HydrangeaVanillaStrawberry813.jpg

Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry has been in for several years now. I'm not happy at the slow amount of growth and lack of fullness. It really should have done better this year with the amount of rain we have gotten. I will watch it another year or so and see what it does.