Gardening information for zone 6 Ohio in neutral clay soil. The backbone of my gardens Hosta, Heather,
Heuchera, flowering shrubs, perennials, ground covers, conifers, and trees.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knockout Roses Leafing Out

I love Roses but only have so much room and also am not interested in having to spray them so I have the wonderful easy care Double Knockouts. They did bloom constantly last year and are already leafing out so I hope that is not a problem with them doing so this early with the snow we had yesterday.

The Heuchera's are ones that are evergreen and the greenery coming up already is mums. I need to get out there during April and move some of these things to allow the growth I'm going to allow on the Knockout. It will be so nice for everything to leaf out so I can get some decent photos. I guess I am kind of anxious. 

I hope weather is better the next few days so I can finish the leaf cleanup around the plants and do the pruning to be all ready for the new growth this year.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Iris are Growing Well

The season is slow this year but I do have the Iris up through the ground well.

My Iris don't start blooming here until the beginning of June but it's so nice to see them up and growing so well. Frost never seems to effect the greenery here. I have daylilys, sedum, mums and daisys have very active growth going on. The snow tonight shouldn't affect any of these. It seems so strange to be getting snow the end of March that is going to result in accumulation. Not much but any accumulation is something. What a weird difference for this month compared to last year.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter Sowing First Daisy Sprouts

Winter Sowing shows it's very first sprouts. I am always glad when I am able to get outside and start my gardening. After last years early Spring start in March, it's been real hard to sit back and wait this year, especially since we are to get now again tomorrow night. Seems like winter is not wanting to let go of it's hold this year.

Today though was nice. I have Daisy sprouts in my jug today. Hard to take a picture through the top of the jug but I didn't want to loosen the tape around the jug yet since we are still in for some more bad weather. Still waiting for sprouts on the other things I have started in my other jugs.

Not a lot yet but at this point I'll take anything and appreciate it. I have some Echinacea I am waiting on but they tend to be later. A few other things also but have to check my list on what all I put out this year for winter sowing. Most all of these aren't even for me, but starts for my brother and a friend of his. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keeping Rain Away

It's really great to have Spring so near and see the growth of my early flowers up out of the ground. Before I know it we'll have some blooms. As of now this has been one dreary winter season. I'm very fortunate in my zone 5/6 to have my patio cover that I can still go out under during the bad weather. I had the contractor pretty much close this in without actually adding a room. It's walled on the one side and the front side is white vinyl fencing with blinds above and it keeps out the snow and rain both. Makes it ideal to keep the Yorkies under so they aren't out in the rain and snow.
Snapped a photo yesterday as I was out doing some of the leaf cleanup I leave down over the winter for plant protection. I love sitting out under there in the rain and hear it hitting the cover. I figure next week I'll be able to get down to some serious pruning for the season and be ready for enjoyment of the rest of the growing season. Happy gardening.