Gardening information for zone 6 Ohio in neutral clay soil. The backbone of my gardens Hosta, Heather,
Heuchera, flowering shrubs, perennials, ground covers, conifers, and trees.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Gardens Ohio Ninebark Sambucus Iris

Spring was a long time coming this year. We're to get frost again tonight though. I know it will do a little damage to Hosta but that's part of gardening. Things are behind but at least everything is finally growing for the season here.

 photo Path613.jpg
The path is really coming alive after such a slow Spring.

 photo PineHosta613.jpg
The Mums are very slow coming in this year compared to years past.

 photo Ninebarks613.jpg
The Ninebarks in bloom. I love the burgundy foliage after the beautiful blooms.

 photo SambucusPeony613.jpg
The Sambucus Black Lace, AKA Elderberry and the Peonies in bloom. Unfortunately the color did not show up for the Peonies.

 photo EmperorBed613.jpg
The Japanese Maple Emperor 1 and Hosta garden. The Hosta in this area are taking off well finally.

 photo SalviaAll613.jpg
Some of the Salvia in bloom with the colors complimenting one another.

 photo Iris2513.jpg

 photo Iris1513.jpg
 photo Iris3513.jpg
Some of the Iris that have been in bloom at Sunray.