Gardening information for zone 6 Ohio in neutral clay soil. The backbone of my gardens Hosta, Heather,
Heuchera, flowering shrubs, perennials, ground covers, conifers, and trees.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Overview Ohio Fall Gardens Sept Oct 2013

Just breaking dawn with mostly rainy weather for picture taking. Has been a very different year compared to last, but much more appreciated with the additional rainfall. I only needed to water 3 times this year compared to last year where there may have been 3 days I didn't have to water.

 photo 9131.jpg
Overview of the Japanese Maple Fireglow with surrounding Hosta and the Pinus s. Glauca Nana on standard. The beautiful Hydrangea blooms in the background on the other side of the path.

 photo 9132.jpg
The bottom corner of the garden with the foliage still showing on the Iris, Daylily and Sedum. You can see the small Picea p. Glauca Globosa surrounded by Coreopsis and Heuchera.

 photo 9133.jpg
Hydrangea Limelight off to the right of the corner along with a few others already mentioned.

 photo 9134.jpg
The red Double Knockout Roses are still in bloom here. You can count on them no matter what.

 photo 9135.jpg
On around to some of the Ninebark Diablo's and the lovely Hydrangea Pinky Winky and Hydrangea Quickfire along with the big Hosta garden. I added a few new shrubs to this area but they aren't real noticeable yet. Will be something new to look forward to next year.

 photo 9136.jpg
The Caryopteris Blue Mist shrub is putting out lots of blooms now, with Sambucus Black Lace behind it.

 photo Toad813.jpg
Was outside one morning very early and Pagan ran over to the potty pad to potty and looked down and sniffed and when she moved I saw the little toad. Got my camera and got a shot. I think it's actually one of those tree toads. There were 2 under the patio, but the other one I took the photo was on concrete and it didn't come out very well.