Gardening information for zone 6 Ohio in neutral clay soil. The backbone of my gardens Hosta, Heather,
Heuchera, flowering shrubs, perennials, ground covers, conifers, and trees.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow Photos in January in Ohio

The Winter of 2014 is one making records. We are so far past the amount of snow we should have, let alone the rigid freezing weather making history in this area. The whole country has been affected but the Midwest especially so with fresh snow coming down again as I write this.

 photo Snow1213.jpg

 photo 1213Snow.jpg

 photo 1213Snow2.jpg

 photo 1213Snow3.jpg
Photos of the snow are always beautiful to take and view while it's still white and pristine. For me it just keeps me in and doing things about the house that need doing.

 photo RaysBR1.jpg
Decided to redo the floors in a couple of the bedrooms. The laminate choice here is a little lighter with the dark areas to tie everything together with the furniture. As you can see I keep a few different Yorkies in here.

 photo MBR1.jpg
I love the laminate choice here for my bedroom. The nice thing about both these is that they have a little texture to the laminate that is sorely lacking in most laminate.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ohio Gardens in December 2013 Fall Colors

Winter hit Ohio early this year with snow on the ground in October. Without any doubt, our weather continues to be strange in some manner each year. Thankfully it was a great gardening season this year and I can only hope for the same next year.

 photo AcerCrimQuGirlYorkie1013.jpg
The beautiful Acer Palmatum Crimson Queen with some of the burgundy Mums around her and of course the little girl Yorkie statue peeking between.

 photo 1113Main.jpg
The yard is always shockingly bare when all the perennials are cutback to go into the Winter season. The Japanese Maple Fireglow stands out with the Hydrangea Tardiva showing their lovely yellow Fall colors and I am so glad that I changed to all the flowering shrub to add the Winter interest for me.

 photo 1113LeftTop.jpg
The beautiful Ninebarks. Although these are burgundy year round, showing Diablo and Center Glows here, the color holding throughout the seasons, they intensify some in the Fall.

 photo 1113Backline.jpg
Hydrangea Limelight on left with Hydrangea QuickFire on right and the Cotinus Golden Spirit in the center. The Cotinus (Smoketree) is golden all season, but enhances with red into the Fall. Hopefully this backline of shrubs along with the others back here really takes off next year with growth.

 photo 1113PiceaAbies.jpg
The Picea Abies Reflexa along with the Viburnum Autumn Jazz, starting to show her Fall colors from behind.

 photo 1113Right.jpg
Some more Ninebark Diablo's on the other side of the yard. I love these beauties. I do have some Spirea's in between there but moved them forward right before the photos and most of the leaves dried up on them. I found that the Ninebarks tend to be more weepers and because of that had to move forward some shrubs more than I originally had them.

 photo 1113RightHydrangeas.jpg
The Hydrangea Pinky Winky on left and another Hydrangea Quickfire on right. Quickfire always has outstanding Fall color, more so then any other Hydrangea's that I have.

 photo 1113Paperbark.jpg
The beautiful Acer Griseum Paperbark Maple showing her outstanding Fall color. You don't get it long, around a few weeks but it's a nice bonus on top of the outstanding bark of this tree.

 photo 1113HostaContainers.jpg
Not to forget some of the perennials. Hosta Brass Ring is one of the most outstanding to show the color change.

 photo Orchid1113.jpg
A beautiful Orchid a neighbor brought me down recently. Not the best situation here for inside plants but I'll enjoy it's lovely blooms for the time being. Of course you can see a couple of the other Yorkie collection items in this photo. Hope you all have some wonderful holidays.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Overview Ohio Fall Gardens Sept Oct 2013

Just breaking dawn with mostly rainy weather for picture taking. Has been a very different year compared to last, but much more appreciated with the additional rainfall. I only needed to water 3 times this year compared to last year where there may have been 3 days I didn't have to water.

 photo 9131.jpg
Overview of the Japanese Maple Fireglow with surrounding Hosta and the Pinus s. Glauca Nana on standard. The beautiful Hydrangea blooms in the background on the other side of the path.

 photo 9132.jpg
The bottom corner of the garden with the foliage still showing on the Iris, Daylily and Sedum. You can see the small Picea p. Glauca Globosa surrounded by Coreopsis and Heuchera.

 photo 9133.jpg
Hydrangea Limelight off to the right of the corner along with a few others already mentioned.

 photo 9134.jpg
The red Double Knockout Roses are still in bloom here. You can count on them no matter what.

 photo 9135.jpg
On around to some of the Ninebark Diablo's and the lovely Hydrangea Pinky Winky and Hydrangea Quickfire along with the big Hosta garden. I added a few new shrubs to this area but they aren't real noticeable yet. Will be something new to look forward to next year.

 photo 9136.jpg
The Caryopteris Blue Mist shrub is putting out lots of blooms now, with Sambucus Black Lace behind it.

 photo Toad813.jpg
Was outside one morning very early and Pagan ran over to the potty pad to potty and looked down and sniffed and when she moved I saw the little toad. Got my camera and got a shot. I think it's actually one of those tree toads. There were 2 under the patio, but the other one I took the photo was on concrete and it didn't come out very well.