Gardening information for zone 6 Ohio in neutral clay soil. The backbone of my gardens Hosta, Heather,
Heuchera, flowering shrubs, perennials, ground covers, conifers, and trees.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August in Ohio Zone 6

The summer heat is always horrible in the month of August and of course our gardens start suffering by this time of the year, although this year has been so much better than the last few and although Spring was late and most of us suffered losses from the past Winter, overall it's been a really good gardening season.

 photo 814DLRubySpiderPlumPerfect.jpg
Daylily Ruby Spider center with Daylily Plum Perfect with Hydrangea Pinky Winky and Hydrangea Quick Fire in background with a few Hosta shown from the Hosta garden.

 photo 814HostaBed1.jpg
The Daylilies start out next to the Hosta bed and the Japanese Maple Emperor 1.

 photo 814ShedBed.jpg
I moved Honeysuckle Major Wheeler up here from the Daylily and Iris bed and pruned it up quite a bit and it hasn't missed a beat.

 photo 814DaylilyIris.jpg
After moving out the Honeysuckle, I added in the Sambucus Sutherland Gold. It should some years down the road fill out most of the backdrop shown here and the Sambucus Black Lace to the left does well in this dry area so felt this would be a good choice. Love the golden fern like leaves of the Sambucus shrubs.

 photo 814SmoketreeBed.jpg
Another gold one that I added in a couple years ago. The Gold Smoketree. I am very happy at the growth it has put on this year. Blooms take a couple years so I am assuming next year it will bloom and add to the beauty. Hydrangea Limelight and Quickfire on each side.

 photo 814PPProcumbensOrRockets.jpg
Another area I have redone. Pulled out a Lilac and Hydragnea Vanilla Strawberry. Neither doing what I wanted. The center conifer is Picea pungens Procumbens that I will train up about 5 foot and then let weep. On each side I have added the new Barberry called Orange Rockets. Size is still up in the air but going by Sooner Nursery they feel they will be 6 to 8 feet which is my hope of over 6. The color combination should be great, now for the patience to watch them mature.

 photo DLGroup711.jpg
Daylily collage of the beauties that have been blooming here this year, most of which are through now for the season, yet a few will still rebloom.

 photo LilyGroup.jpg
And the few Lilies that I have gave me a lovely bloom season but are over with now also.

Monday, July 14, 2014

July Hydrangea Hosta Ninebarks Ohio Zone 6

This season gardening started much later than usual but it caught up pretty quickly for us in zone 6.

 photo 714HostaGarden.jpg
The Hosta garden has been what I've been working on this year although most of that is not shown in this photo. Just waiting for the Acer palmatun Emperor to grow enough to do a little shading of this area.

 photo 714Overview.jpg
The large overview of the biggest gardens. My Acer palmatum Fireglow is always a standout.

 photo 714GateGarden.jpg  photo 714GateGarden2.jpg
The Ninebarks on are doing some nice growing this season. Feel they''ll easily be above the fence within the next couple of years.

 photo 714HydrangeaQuickFire614.jpg  photo 714HydrangeaQuickFire714.jpg
Hydrangea Quick Fire in June in bloom and then again in July showing how much it's pinked up already.

 photo 714DL3.jpg  photo 714DL2.jpg
The Daylilies have been blooming across the yard this last month and adding some lovely color and blooms.

 photo 714CoreopsisGroup.jpg
The Coreopsis is one I can count on for blooms most of the gardening season. Heuchera's add some extra color to the gardens.

 photo 714BBCorner.jpg  photo 714BottomRight.jpg
The bottom corner which I'm thinking I might want to add some large flowering shrubs here. Didn't think I would but I am now considering it.

 photo 714Coneflowers.jpg
The Coneflowers blooming help add some color around the Viburnum during the summer months.

Friday, June 13, 2014

June Gardens in Ohio

The Winter continues to show it's damages here in Ohio. Numerous things have already been replaced. Quite a lot was killed to the roots and waiting on the growth to return on them as with my Heath/Heather.

 photo AcerFireglowNinebark414.jpg
The Acer palmatum Fireglow came through the Winter as did all but one of my Japanese Maples. That one is a big disappointment to me.

 photo Peony614.jpg
The Peonies look lovely this year and the smell was wonderful. The Dogwood Golden Shadows sits to the left and I just love this shrub because it has the looks of a Japanese Maple in it's growth.

 photo IrisGroup1.jpg
A grouping of the Iris in bloom. Don't know how those taller whites got to the front but they have since been moved towards the back.

 photo IrisGroupPaganDance.jpg
The purple one here to Iris Pagan Dance that I got in tribute to my beautiful Yorkie CH Goldenray Pagan Dancer. These I just moved over to the right side where some of the whites were.

 photo 514PathTop.jpg

 photo 514PathReverse2.jpg

 photo 514PathReverse2.jpg
The path from several directions through the big garden.

 photo Ninebarks614.jpg
The Ninebark Diablo's are looking great this year. Flowering up and showing great color.

 photo AcerPalmatumGarnet514.jpg
Acer palmatum Garnet is looking lovely in the ground this year.

 photo PARelexa514.jpg
I love the Picea abies Reflexa and the harsh weather this past Winter didn't seem to cause it any harm either.

 photo LilacBloomerang514.jpg
The Bloomerang Lilac showing lots of blooms this year.