Gardening information for zone 6 Ohio in neutral clay soil. The backbone of my gardens Hosta, Heather,
Heuchera, flowering shrubs, perennials, ground covers, conifers, and trees.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gardens Crabapple and Bloomerang Lilac

Seeing more blooming here. I think the continual rain we have been having here is really affecting our plants blooming as much though. I'm hoping my Purple Prince Crabapple gets more blooms. It's pretty no matter what. I hadn't planted anything around it since I put it in a few years ago as I wanted it established first, but I have just added some Heuchera which you can't really see as they're small and they blend in with the mulch, and will be adding more.

I found a Bloomerang Lilac last year finally online. Had to buy a little one to even get one of these newer Lilacs. It's an everblooming variety that gets around 5 to 6 foot tall, so you can't see much since it's probably only about 12 inches or so tall now. What surprised me to no end is that it's put out a little bloom and another starting. Now I sure don't expect more this season as it's just not big enough, but it's cute right now. I'm really hoping it puts on a lot of growth this year.

This thing is TINY. Guessing it's a dwarf type of Hyacinth. Can't even believe it came up but it's truly itty bitty and I had to try and make it bigger to see the bitty blooms. The blooms are more purplish. Unfortunately with the overcast days I had to try and lighten photos and it doesn't help doing that for clarity. If anyone thinks differently on this let me know.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heather on the Hill Blooms

We just came out of a couple days of snow and yesterday  was still cold but I managed to finally get the rest of the leaf protection cleaned up decently. We have 4 days of rain forecast so yesterday was rather dreary out for photos but my winter Heather was the only thing blooming so I got some photos of it.

I love the Heather but unfortunately several of these had some die off that I had to prune out of there. It should grow and fill back in fairly quick this Spring.

These 2 are Golden Starlet and Spring Cottage. Both blooming right now, but I especially love the Golden Startlet since it stays golden year round and really don't care if it gets the white blooms or not since it is always so pretty with the foliage alone.