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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter Sowing First Daisy Sprouts

Winter Sowing shows it's very first sprouts. I am always glad when I am able to get outside and start my gardening. After last years early Spring start in March, it's been real hard to sit back and wait this year, especially since we are to get now again tomorrow night. Seems like winter is not wanting to let go of it's hold this year.

Today though was nice. I have Daisy sprouts in my jug today. Hard to take a picture through the top of the jug but I didn't want to loosen the tape around the jug yet since we are still in for some more bad weather. Still waiting for sprouts on the other things I have started in my other jugs.

Not a lot yet but at this point I'll take anything and appreciate it. I have some Echinacea I am waiting on but they tend to be later. A few other things also but have to check my list on what all I put out this year for winter sowing. Most all of these aren't even for me, but starts for my brother and a friend of his. 


Raffaella said...

It's already beautiful this garden that takes shape... Congratulations...

Anonymous said...

Hey cool that you have some starting already. Bet I know who they're for.
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HolleyGarden said...

New sprouts are always an exciting thing to see popping up! The thought of daisies in the garden is a cheerful one, too.

milka said...

I noticed you only have 3 posts so far, but you already have 29 followers! And look at your previous post, 51 comments! That is too good for a newbie. And i must admit i like your blog :)

Christine B. said...

What a generous gardener you are. I would turn to dust if my siblings started growing starts for my garden!

Christine in Alaska, no starts at all